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Westerberg A/S
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Production, stock, logistics, sales
and marketing

Westerberg Sp. z o.o.
Elektryków 4A
43-603 Jaworzno
Tel: +48 32 752 2204

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Latest News

  • Tadiran Rapid Response

    Westerberg is introducing a new line of lithiumbatteries without passivation effects.

    The batteries can deliver pulse currents without voltage or power delay.

    TRR Press Release

    ½AA: TL-7902
    AA: TL-7903
    C: TL-7920
    D: TL-7930


  • New heavy duty li-ion series

    Lithium batteries for use in harsh environments:

    - Charge: -40…+85 °C

    - Discharge: -40…+85 °C

    - Lifetime 10+ years

    - Low selfdischarge

    - Pulses up to 5 A

    TLi Press Release

    AAA: TLi-1020
    ½AA: TLi-1520
    2/3AA: TLi-1530
    AA: TLi-1550