Westerberg, specialists in
advanced battery solutions

About Us

Westerberg A/S is a privately owned company, that has it’s roots back in the Westerberg Group which since 1945 has been supplying components and materials to the electronic industry.

We are producing and selling batteries for demanding industrial applications and customers. We specialize in lithiumbatteries with more than 20 years of operation.

Sales and administration is handled by Westerberg Denmark while production, stock and logistics is handled by Westerberg Poland which is certified according to ISO 9001.

We are a purely industrial supplier and producer of batteries and do not sell directly to individuals.

Latest News

  • Tadiran Rapid Response

    Westerberg is introducing a new line of lithiumbatteries without passivation effects.

    The batteries can deliver pulse currents without voltage or power delay.

    TRR Press Release

    ½AA: TL-7902
    AA: TL-7903
    C: TL-7920
    D: TL-7930


  • New heavy duty li-ion series

    Lithium batteries for use in harsh environments:

    - Charge: -40…+85 °C

    - Discharge: -40…+85 °C

    - Lifetime 10+ years

    - Low selfdischarge

    - Pulses up to 5 A

    TLi Press Release

    AAA: TLi-1020
    ½AA: TLi-1520
    2/3AA: TLi-1530
    AA: TLi-1550